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Before proceeding please read the following terms and conditions and click the appropriate button at the bottom to accept or reject the terms. You cannot go to the registration page without accepting the following terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions


Should you decide to rent a property, a completed Rental Application Form is required for each individual proposing to rent the property, along with 2 forms of identification and a reservation deposit equivalent to 30% of the first month's rent. This reservation deposit is non-refundable should you fail your references, or decide not to proceed once the referencing procedure has begun. It is important to note that until your application forms, reservation and referencing fees are received, the property will remain available.

Once you are accepted for the property the reservation deposit will be offset against your agency fee.


Fees for tenancy are 30% of first month's rent, with a minimum fee of 100. A property is deemed as not secured until you have paid the Agency fee. The property will continue to be marketed until the Agency fee has been paid.


  • 2 forms of ID
  • 3 most recent Bank statements (for each tenant)
  • 3 most recent Pay Slips
  • Previous landlord reference when applicable


The Security deposit is at the behest of the landlord, it is normally between 1 month and one and half months rent. This is returnable at the end of the tenancy in accordance with your Tenancy Agreement & Tenancy Deposit Scheme Agreement. Please ensure you fully understand the new legislation as of April 6th 2007. Your deposit will be returned via the Deposit Protection Scheme.


The first months Rent, the Security Deposit balance and the Contract and Administration Fees must be received as cleared funds before the tenancy commences. If paying by cheque, this must be received ten (10) days prior to possession.


All rental payments are required monthly in advance. All rent payments will be made to the Landlord of the property.


It is the tenant's responsibility to read all the meters and advise the relevant utility provider to set up your own accounts. You will also need to advise the Council Tax Office of your residence and do the same when you move out.

You must also organise the connection and disconnection of all telephone, cable and internet services yourself.


I accept the above terms and wish to register. This is an electronic signature for the purpose of the Electronic Communications Act 2000 which I/We incorporate into this contract with and is intended to have legal effect.


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