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Marketing Only - 49

Agency Agreement

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This Agreement is made between the Landlord of the Property (as named at the end of this agreement) and hereinafter referred to as "the Agent". provides a property Marketing Only service to owners wishing to advertise their property on the main letting portals. will answer calls and forward details to the landlord, thus ensuring the landlord does not lose potential tenants due to being unable to answer the phone due to other commitments, such as the work place.

For landlords this is a service, which for the cost of a one week advert in the local press, markets your property on the main letting portals, where perspective tenants search for properties to match their needs. The property is marketed until let for the one off upfront fee of 49.

The Marketing only Service includes:

  • Advertising and generally marketing the Property.
  • Answer Calls from perspective tenants.
  • Refer perspective tenants to the landlord.


The Landlord confirms that he/she is the sole or joint owner of the Property and that he/she has the right to rent out the Property under the terms of the mortgage or head lease. Where necessary, the Landlord confirms that permission to let has been granted by the mortgagee. The Landlord agrees that the Agent may take and hold deposits on behalf of the Landlord as a member of the Deposit Protection Scheme.


The letting of property is now closely regulated with respect to consumer safety. The law makes particular demands regarding the safety, servicing and inspection of the gas and electric appliances and installations within a property, and with respect to the type of any furniture and soft furnishings that are also provided.

The following regulations apply:

  • Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988
  • Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994
  • Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994
  • Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates & Inspections) (England & Wales) Regulations 2007

The Landlord confirms that he/she is aware of these obligations and that the Agent has provided sufficient information (via explanatory leaflets available on request) to assist with compliance. It is agreed that the Landlord shall ensure that the Property is made available for letting in a safe condition and in compliance with above regulations.

By law, it is necessary to carry out an annual inspection and service for the central heating and any gas appliances. The Landlord will arrange to carry these out on or before the due dates and ensure the necessary inspection and maintenance records are given to the Agent. The Agent cannot accept responsibility for the Landlords failure to carry out these checks at the correct times.

The Landlord agrees to indemnify the Agent against any expenses or penalties that may be suffered as a result of non-compliance of the Property to fire, gas and electrical safety standards.

An EPC is required by law when a building is constructed, sold or put up for rent. The Landlord will need to provide an EPC which will be valid for ten years, to prospective tenants, the first time you let or re-let your property after 1 October 2008. cannot market a property without an EPC, if requested the Agent shall ensure the property has a current and valid EPC, there is a 10 admin charge for this service, alternatively you can arrange your own, or we can advise you of assessors in your area.


The Landlord shall be responsible for the Property being adequately insured and that the insurance policy covers the Property being a rental Property.


The Landlord warrants that the Property is made available in good and lettable condition and that the Property, beds, sofas and all other soft furnishings all conform to the current fire safety regulations.


Payment of Council Tax will normally be the responsibility of the tenants in the Property. However, landlords should be aware that where a property is empty, let as holiday accommodation, or let as a house in multiple occupation (HMO), responsibility for payment of Council Tax then rests with the owner of the property.


It is the responsibility of the incoming tenant to notify services such as Utilities and Council Tax.


It is the landlord's responsibility to arrange an inventory, or can organise an inventory, there will be a charge of 10 admin fee for this service.


At the start of the tenancy, it will be the landlord's responsibility to attend the Property with the tenant(s) to complete the inventory and agreements. The tenant(s) should also be shown the location of utilities. The landlord should advise the tenant(s) of contact details for ongoing management.


The Landlord warrants that all the information he has provided to the Agent is correct to the best of his knowledge and belief. In the event that the Landlord provides incorrect information to the Agent which causes the Agent to suffer loss or causes legal proceedings to be taken the Landlord agrees to reimburse and compensate the Agent for all losses suffered.


The Agent has the right to update fees at any time. Any proposals by the Agent to vary the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be made in writing. I/we confirm that we have read this agreement and wish to instruct the Agent on a Marketing Only basis. Please note your property will not be marketed until has received the fee for this service.

To enable us to offer Landlord services at a very competitive rates, we make a charge of 30% of the first month's rent, which is payable by the incoming Tenants (the agency fee). This makes up the majority of our income, so we ask that Landlords do not allow Tenants to move into their new property without checking with that we have received the agency fee. This method ensures that we receive payment and can continue to offer our excellent rate of fees to you as a Landlord. Should you, as the Landlord allow one of our introduced Tenants move into your property, without the agency fee being paid, you become liable for that fee immediately.

I accept the above terms and wish to register. This is an electronic signature for the purpose of the Electronic Communications Act 2000 which I/We incorporate into this contract with and is intended to have legal effect.

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